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No Longer With Us

By Tyler VerGowe

I’ll never forget, the very first day.
You were the first person I met, inside our company bay.
We talked and we laughed, and became best friends.
I knew it would last, until the end.
I had your back, and you had mine.
Nothing could change that, not even time.
We got deployed, and sent to war.
We shot and killed, and kicked in some doors.

August twenty-fifth, two-thousand nine.
I swear the world stopped, as well did time.
We were on patrol, like any other day.
When we got ambushed, in the middle of the day.
I watched you get shot, and hit the ground.
I ran right over, and knelt right down.
I will never forget, that look in your eyes.
I held you in my arms, until you died.
I replay that day, over and over in my head.
It shouldn’t have been you, but me instead.
I miss you so much, but I know we’ll be together again.
Just have to wait, till my life ends.

Tyler VerGowe served a tour in Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division. He is currently collecting disability and working at a rehab facility for alcohol and drug addicts. He writes about his struggles dealing with PTSD for all the fallen soldiers.
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