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ennead: To Lay Down a Prayer in Nine Parts

by Imani Sims

There are times when conversation
gnaws at tissue wrapped acid

It is well.

in an effort to arrest
joy’s soft shimmer magnificence.

It, is well.

no conversation is too large
to grow through like sequoia root to branch.

It is wEll.

She is the soft lens mirror
cradling the stitched together pieces


in her hands I unfold safely
perfumed blossom of plump brilliance

It is well.

sweet abandon to tender palm–
love adorned eyes.

It is well.

May we find the chuckle
of fourth center deep joy.

We are well.

May liberation spread wings against
our ribs: a pulling toward adventure.

We are well.

May the purist nectar spring from
lips to baptize with cherished intent.

We are well.

Imani Sims is the granddaughter of a United States Army Veteran and a United States Navy Veteran. She has borne witness to their stories and continues to use those stories to influence her work. She is also a performance poet and educator.

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