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As I Stare Out My Window

by Andrew Kaufman

As I stare out my window I see the fog coating the hills
I see the majestic oak sheltering the fresh maples below
I see the Robins traverse from branch to branch
I see the squirrels gorging themselves on acorns
Across the field is a road which is silent right now
A lone cyclist gasps against the wind
Going to or coming from I don’t know
Out of sight now the emptiness returns
I see the clouds above dancing lightly in the wind
Some are wisps of dreams lost
Others tell their own story
Each one different but yet so alike
As I stare more intensely I see the spider
He is climbing slowly on the blade of grass
Eight gripping tightly moving slowly
Silken web expands and is complete
Ready to ambush for the night
Catching his prey in the darkness
And feasting till dawn
Such is the way of things
As I stare out my window

Andy Kaufmann is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Army. He started his career as a medic, then was accepted to Flight School and was selected to pilot the OH58D. He has been writing poetry since 8th grade as a hobby, and loves to write perspective poetry that conveys messages. Andy retired at Fort Drum NY and subsequently moved to Virginia where he is working as a consultant.