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Next Last

by David Shank

Bending down,
I kissed his forehead.
His face,
a deserted landscape,
withered and worn

His body,
once upright and strong,
lies frail
with a marionette’s

Seemed a sudden thing.
Once steadfast,
now stifled,
with staring eyes
he waits.

The gathering, too,
for Earth’s next
pitiless turn.

Dave Shank, who graduated from the University of Nevada with
a music degree in Theory and Composition, worked for 40 years
as a professional musician(see:
Before entering school he served in the United States Air Force, 6910th Radio Group Mobile, in Wiesbaden, Germany.
Inspired by a colleague, Tim Mclafferty, a fine drummer and
published poet, Dave began writing seriously only this year
but instantly found a new passion for another form of artistic
expression. He can be found on FaceBook and Twitter(@daveshankmusic).

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