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by Tessa Poppe

wrestle me upward
steal my dreams,
carry me into the vast,

bear my naked soul, and
sing me the gentler words
so I may forget my


vomit the linked chains,
restricting all,
The Everything.

effortless work, to die
to leave behind.
in yesterday lies
everything, untouched
undone, un.

never to see your face,
child, creation of my soul,
to be.
regretting, I buried you
in Selflessness and Ambition.

so I die with a crevice
in me,
and clear vision of that
rip in the sky.

all my worlds together,
loveless all the same,
barely a whisper now
the drowning
beat of the Drum

and slowly,
I see it,



Tessa Poppe served in Iraq and Afghanistan as an MP with the Iowa National Guard. She is a native of the Midwest and a graduate of the University of Iowa, but currently lives in Virginia where she is attending graduate school. Tessa mainly writes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry.

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