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by Christopher Ryan

As I lay myself down to rest
It seems like eternity, but minutes at best

My sleep is shallow and next to none
But I am a “Father, Brother and Son”
And a “Combat Infantryman” with a gun

We enter our sector like so many times before
And live the flashes, sounds and smells of war

As my body begins to tremble out of control
My fear boils over from deep inside my soul

With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
We move forward with our “Blue Infantry Pride.”

Christopher G. Ryan joined the Army after graduating from High School in 1988. He served 12 years as an Army infantryman and has deployed overseas for training, served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and concluded his military career after serving his second tour in Iraq with the historical unit “The Fighting 69th” (1st/69th Infantry) during Operation Iraqi Freedom III. He likes to spend time with his family, his girlfriend and her two children and his friends. He is also the proud father of a son who is attending college. He currently resides in his hometown of Buffalo, New York and serves his community as a Police Officer.

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