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Pointman Cometh

by David Pointer

Pointman incubated inside forgotten getaway car fumes

Pointman incubated inside father’s forgotten getaway car fumes

Pointman marinated inside social class exclusion, adhesions

Pointman marinated inside housing project fragmentation

Pointman marinated in echoes of other people’s flash sterilization

Pointman percolated under sequential compression devices
to include exclusionary collegiality in the school to nowhere

Pointman climbed atop the government cheese truck surveying asylum district of mental health intervention

Pointman climbed onto a previously asphalted path made possible by bio-chemical business agenda portfolios burning villages elsewhere

Pointman side-stepped onto a coerced-choice sidewalk of upward mobility illusion

Pointman was finally intercepted by the Marine Corps recruiter with sign-up papers

Pointman finally donned his splash guard goggles as other abnormal urinalysis-test teen applicants felt the blowback of emptiness, alienation, unfairness splashing into their eyes

Pointman arrived at Marine Corps Recruit Depot ready to kill everyone – like he oath-promised the President he would do

David S. Pointer served in the United States Marine Corps as a military policeman from 1980-1984.

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