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Unstable Cliff

by Leo Cunningham

I stand there,
large as life.

sharp edged cliffs.

Piercing eyes watching a surfer’s freedom.
Feet stuck in the sand,
head in the clouds.

Beaten by the rough sea.
Chipping away slowly,
pieces of me.

I remain unmoved.

With a sign on top, labeled…
“Stand Back! Unstable Cliff!”

Leo Cunningham enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Infantry and advanced to Recon serving in Operation Enduring Freedom, on a Mobile Training team to Yemen, in support of the Special Operations Command. Upon his honorable discharge, he moved to California to pursue his passion for storytelling, graduated from the USC: School of Cinematic Arts and studied Film and Television Production. Currently, he is an independent filmmaker and founder of Wood Table Productions, an independent video production company. He resides with his wife and three sons on a family farm and writes original poetry, novels and screenplays.

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