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The Road Once Traveled

by Joel Seppala

near Atchison, Kansas

I traveled down a familiar road I knew many years ago. With fondness I looked upon barns, trees, and houses I had admired in peaceful drives of quiet days gone by. The air smelled the same; the green grass gleamed the shade of spring it had so many times. The road had not changed. What was different? It was I. Images of yesteryear passed through my memory’s filter. Carefree days of college replaced with the everyday blessings of life. The road that once carried me to school now transported me, my wife, and child, creating new memories on this road I had abandoned while life carried me away. When I returned the road was still there with all the familiar sites. Same road. Same path. What was different? It was I.

Joel Seppala is currently serving on active duty with the Army in Okinawa, Japan. He began writing poetry while stationed in Korea in 2001-2002. He also writes poetry, plays, childrens’ fiction, and is currently working on writing readers’ theatre. His work has been published in Stars and Stripes Okinawa and online at He is inspired by the world around him and looks for the extraordinary in seemingly ordinary surroundings.

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