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by F. Stanton Blake

How can the smaller of two vessels be the course decider?
A taut cable linking an elephant trainer to the beast
Internal will and force can make even the seemingly impossible happen.
Millions of pounds of freight

I’ll get your cheap Chinese stuff delivered on time

Such a stout and powerful machine on a dumb task

What do you Tug?

F. Stanton Blake is a Broze Star decorated U.S. Army Veteran. He served as a Captain in 1/8 Infantry Battalion, 4th ID during OIF I. F. Stanton has the proud distinction of being the fourth generation in his family to serve in the 4th Infantry Division during combat. He is a published photographer, advanced SCUBA diver, licensed general contractor, ordained minister, entrepreneur, and proud husband and father. His poetry career began during his sisters’ wedding.

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