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I AM More

by Gerardo Novoa

I am more than a transition
An indistinguishable bellow
I am more than a lack of commitment
A sick heart

I am more than a studio apartment
Cordoned off in the city
I am more than just confidence
The medals tell me so

I am a man who committed to service
At uncertain times
I am a future who misses his friends
Sightless to help God sent

If the day is long
I will work through
And in the morning I will show,
I am more than a cigarette drag longed for,
Those familiar smells

I am more than I will try to be today
And more than I will be tomorrow

Gerardo Novoa served with Third Battalion Seventh Marines Kilo Company from 2006 to 2010. During that time he deployed to both Ar Ramadi, and Al-Qa’im Iraq. He now lives in Phoenix, AZ. He is currently attending Arizona State University, and works full time in the early childhood education field.

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