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All the Places I’ve Laid My Head

by Claire Hersom

streams with summer rain
back seat window panes

goose filled pillows, feathers galore
pocketbooks on airport floors

Grampie’s woolen coat
crook of an arm on a desk top

Queen Ann Lace, soft and sweet
our baby’s soft, newborn cheek

the family dog, warm and breathing
the hammock in a summer’s breeze

the cramped back seat of your brother’s Jeep
lake docks that lulled us to sleep

your stomach, leg, breast
your picture atop the cedar chest

clean sheets just off the line,
the American flag after you died.

Claire Hersom is the middle daughter of Norman L. Hersom, who served in WWII in France with the 709th Motorcycle Police Battalion. She is a published poet with three books, the latest called Drowning: A Poetic Memoir.

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