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in the café

by David Shank

half-lit corners
shadows attend.
noir cast whispers,
secrets on the prowl.

nicotine beacons,
sinuous smoke.
silhouette’s illumed
then gone.

à toutes les tables
trowels traverse.
hopes dissolve
passing into clouds.

muses bait
shrunken matter
stirring catatonia
inspired haze.

vacant eyes,
filaments ablaze.
swirling haloes
flash and fume.

cadavers swathed
in barroom bouquet.
all arrayed
in peaceful agony.

and I, alike,
among the ruins.
pen stilled. pitcher tipped-

in the café

David Shank graduated from the University of Nevada with 
a music degree in Theory and Composition, and worked for forty years 
as a professional musician. 
Before entering school he served in the United States Air Force, 6910th Radio Group Mobile, in Wiesbaden, Germany.

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