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Your (sanity) has arrived…please sign here

by Christopher Wilson

The endless juggle shall continue
Maybe It’ll end before you turn blue
Patiently waiting (you’ll be here a while)

Your mind is so far gone
Never to return
All you can do is hope

Endless penetration, fuck your mind
How’s about I break your spine?
So divine

How long must I wait?
How much time shall I dedicate?
Just for the same result…

Please sign here, sir
This is a controlled substance, you see
Don’t be mad, I’m just doing my job

Now I’ve become a slob
My sanity is here and ready…
Take these pills…

Be steady

Christophe Wilson served in the Army as a 19D cavalry scout from 2006-2015. He has served in Iraq once, and Afghanistan twice. He was recently medically retired for PTSD. His ultimate goal is to share his writing with fellow veterans in order to reach others battling with PTSD.

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