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Wilted Flower

by Laticia Brown

You were once so beautiful
And full of life.
Now you hang your head down low.
Where did that vivacity go?
You still are beautiful
And have a lot of life left.
So please wilted flower, don’t give up yet.
Wilted flower I hope you believe and know,
That you still have the strength to flourish and grow.

Laticia Brown was born in Riverside, California. She enlisted in the United States Air Force at the age of 18 and was stationed in California, Arizona, Germany, Iraq, and Turkey. After leaving the Air Force, she worked at VA hospitals in Tucson, AZ and Palo Alto, CA. In Palo Alto she endured severe depression, a suicide attempt, and homelessness. These experiences inspire her poetry. She was recently accepted to New York University and will be attending in the Fall.

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