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For My Babies

by Nicolya’ Jones

From the day I knew you were on the way, I was afraid for you
Would I be able to care for you? Could I possibly love you enough?
Would I be a good friend to you? Could I show you unconditional love?
I’ve never thought of myself capable of loving you as much as I do.
You are a part of me, a memory and my future all wrapped up into one.
You are a chance at something great and I look forward to your success.

I signed on to leave you when I thought I never could
With the dream of giving you better, of making your life good.
I struggled to become someone I’ve never thought I could be
I learned discipline, warrior skills, and even broke my body
I learned to be strong for you, myself and others
All to be able to give you what I know you deserve.

Today, my sons, my daughter, I am thankful for you being such an amazing part of my life
I pray I gave you memories to love and taught you how to dream big
With honor I say I’m proud to be your mother, your friend, your soldier
For you and my country, my life I will surely give.
Remember me when I’m gone and know that what I did was all for you.
When it’s all said and done, my greatest honor will be to have laid down my life for you.


Nicolya’ Jones is an active duty paralegal specialist who has been in the Army for 6 years. She is the mother of three children. On September 11, 2015, her teenage son Kenyon Givens Jr. was killed on Fort Riley by a friend in what appears to have been an accidental shooting. Nicolya’ has been writing for over 20 years; it is her outlet.

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