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The Forgotten Children

by Newt Ronan

These are the forgotten children.
Lying abandoned where they fell.
No pulse, no sound, no light.
They took nothing but breath
And left no more than idle wind
Stirring summer grass at midnight.
No past, no future, leaving no memories
Of life or living or dying.
Call them forgotten.
Buried in abandoned graves
Or burned to ash, scattered,
Blowing through vacant fields and darkened streets.

Newt Ronan is a US Army Infantry Vietnam War veteran who led platoon size operations in the DMZ and in the area west of Chu Lai during 1968 and 1969 was honorably discharged in 1970 as a captain, Infantry. His awards include the Silver Star, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Combat Infantryman’s Badge, a case of malaria and an Agent Orange injury. Retired after a long business career, he spends his time on fitness and family and, in his writing efforts, failing to do justice to the fallen.

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