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Peace in Valhalla

by Justin Reeves

Normalcy is non-existent
Do you really think you can fix us
Our minds are clouded with dysfunction
Thoughts of blood, thoughts of destruction
N to the Xth power
Is that the calculation for the cure
Floating down the river of grief
Until we drown in the depths of anger
Haunted by the shadows of the dead
We relapse into a realm of chaotic conflict
Subdue the internal demons with pharmaceuticals
Yet, their screams of rage lurk in the depths of the hippocampus
Like a deathrow inmate walking the green mile
We reflect and embrace on our deteorating innocence
Until one day we awaken in this world
And our sanity is eternally vanquished
We exit this earthly shell
Navigating galaxies steering an infinite chariot
A warrior’s spirit never truly perishes
Rather wages paranormal war on a quest for blissful peace
And when that peace is found
We shall rally in Valhalla

Justin Reeves is an active duty Soldier with over 19 years on service in the United States Army. His combat experience ranges from Afghanistan to Iraq. He began writing poetry in February 2016 while receiving inpatient treatment for PTSD and alcohol dependency. His motivation is to reach out to fellow veterans who also suffer from PTSD and alcohol/chemical dependency.

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