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Someone Giggled

by Aaron Johnson

Just because you were awoken one morning, leaning toward a discovery, somehow, that it now seems better. How 24 hours in a day had become some wine and nicotine Neverland, no longer enough. It is how these shortening days keep ending for you, under a moon-lit sky not wide enough to stop the stars from painting her name. How life’s design intrinsically knew to somehow, amend and darn and strike whole drifting broken souls?

Another turn of fair Gaia reawakes you as a dandelion seed in the swirling storm of a dynamically expanding universe you call home. You hear it’s laughter around you. It giggled this someone’s name to you when you were truly broken. It is how some traveler spirit found you. Does it make you live stronger, bolder, better or more fit to be once again counted alive among the living?

Now and again, between morning and twilight’s touch, life’s little simplicity, again and again, does so strive to become everything anew. Even as time seams itself, life swirls out of control from a spinning wheel offering a lengthening thread. Take heed to seek solace among the colorfully woven thread, blending everything raw and naked and course and beautiful as a tapestry all your own.

Alacrity and life have bumped alongside each other down this speedway, like two hi octane formula cars vying on some cosmic track. Where once they sped past each other, alacrity and life as two, become one. Everywhere are felt these mighty engines turning and tuning and blending the mind’s straying emotions. It happened by and by over time, with her. It’s how intelligence feels. For you, it’s time to giggle on becoming whole.

Aaron Johnson needed his parents to sign a waiver to join the Army Reserve at 17. He became a 91 bravo combat medic in the summer of his 11th grade year, followed by Airborne School during 12th grade. He later joined the full time Navy, winding down his enlistment during the Persian Gulf War. Some years later when OIF/OEF was on, he went to both conflicts (2008 – 2010) as a contractor, flying in and out of both war zones the equivalent of 6 times around the globe.

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