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by Jennifer Callahan

Silence fills my soul like water filling an empty pitcher
Hearts fall one by one like dominoes
People racing to the paved road and not taking the time
To admire the rocky one
Life filling in every crevice on Earth
Only to find it’s too crowded
Everywhere you turn
Monsters, Angels
Too much to bear for a simple mind
Such as mine
Hate, Love, right, wrong
Every opposite possessing their own meaning
But what meaning?
I have no understandings of these words
Simplicity is my life
I wish
Since it’s so complex
I can only dream about the pitcher full

Jennifer Callahan Served in the US Army from 1996-2007. She lives in Vermont with her husband and four children, where she is a Veterans Advocate and VFW Post Service Officer. She dedicates her time helping other Veterans.

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