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by Gigi Tharpe

Innocence ripped away like one peeling off an unwanted mask.
Uncertainty of what steps lead to this hidden crime scene.
Night sweats, portions of nightmares, crying followed by sleepless nights.
A scream daily, hoping to take someone to task.
Frozen in time gripped with fear, it seems so surreal.
Inside I felt like dying, I built a strong wall.
Victimized, broken, battered, frustrated and tired of military lies, anger lingers.
Abused to the point of pregnancy, entangled I cried to God.
Robbed of my military career, robbed of my newlywed marriage,
Robbed of acceptance among my family back home,
Robbed of seeing my child as me and not the abusive supervisor,
Robbed of nearly everything over the years of time,
Thirty-four years later, still awaiting justice from the VA system,
Robbed of peace!

Gigi Tharpe served in the USAF as a AGE mechanic. She is a mother of and grandma of 10. Rape robbed her in 1980, but today she currently works at a Women and Children’s Shelter helping others. Gigi has continued to fight for justice for all MST survivors as well as for herself.

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