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A Soldier’s Story

by Lucille Reyna

Far from home and all alone,
in this different world, unknown.
Not quite sure of what to do
or how I found this mood of gloom.
Could it be…?
From the extreme cold to blistering heat,
and don’t forget my stinky feet. But,
I’m so hungry, what’s to eat? Ugh!
What is this canned, mystery meat? Oh,
the animals are mangy, the bugs are bad, I
can’t remember the last good shower I had.

Each day that passes, I hope is the last,
when I will have to hear a rocket’s blast.
My buddies stand ready to join the fight,
the Sarn’t tells us, “No sleep tonight.”
We’ve trained for this and ready we are,
with all the courage that comes from afar.

God Bless the U.S. forces and all the brave souls,
who’d give their life for liberty’s bell tolls.
The Stars & Stripes, Red, White & Blue.
I do it for me, I do it for you.
So, say a prayer when you go to sleep,
that all the valiant soldiers the Lord will keep.

Here I am in this strange new place,
asking for God’s saving grace,
remembering to be cool, be smart,
and always to listen to my head and heart.

Alas, my spirits are lifted now, the light
is shown, the right path I’ve found.
It’s all for Freedom and Independence too,
I fight for all; I’d die for you,
‘cause I’m a Soldier the whole way through.

It’s over now; we’re safe and sound,
fear not from nothin’ all around.
A Soldier’s Story is full of love,
and the angels that guard ‘em,
Both on earth and above.

SSgt Lucille Reyna is currently serving in the Air Force Reserves in the 434th OG at Grissom ARB as a command support specialist pending reclass assignment as a paralegal. She has prior service in the Army as a military police officer, and she deployed to Iraq in 2003 for a year and then again as a contractor in 2006 for strategic debriefing. Lucy has a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and a second Master’s degree in International law, Human Rights. She and her family were featured in the July/August issue of Woman’s Day Magazine.


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